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Fictional Pop Culture Idols

Published March 4, 2019 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

I think I haven’t discuss this here. After telling my crushes, reference or my opnions to certain figures, it’s time to tell which I can say, my life is inspired to or unconsciously, follow or relate to. Don’t be surprised if this list composed of anime characters or movie characters. I did read books but it’s more inspirational books and they are mostly non-fiction. This might be the first and last list so I don’t want to add more. =)

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Alita Battle Angel

Published March 4, 2019 in movies - 0 Comments

Ghost in the Shell movie adaptation was almost good but for me, I think its still a fail from how it was made. When I saw the trailer of this film, at first I was apprehensive because of maybe the eyes and little teasers. But I watched the following trailers, I was kinda hopeful.

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