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Cliche in Jdorama

Published December 23, 2018 in Jdrama - 0 Comments

Sad to say, due to many, difficult, uphill tasks I need to do this past year, I was not able to watch and worse, finish any Jdorama this year. But it doesn’t mean, I won’t watch any of it. Since I have been watching this for a long time, I can say, I’ve noticed something about Jdorama that is unique from other tv dramas around the world. Hell I can’t even compare to our country. Geez.. Cheesy as it seems… Who cares. hahaha

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A Year of Jdrama

Published December 31, 2017 in Jdrama - 0 Comments


Oh boy, another year is finished and yes, Jdoramas always been here. Unfortunately, due to other things I needed to do plus my other jobs, I was not able to watch a lot of Jdramas or even finish it. But I guess I can still make the awards but not all of them because of the lack of number of jdoramas I’ve seen. Continue reading

Best night Jdramas

Published July 30, 2017 in Japan , Jdrama - 0 Comments

After watching the late night Jdrama Dead Stock, I really like watching Jdramas at night for 2 reasons. First, unlike the usual primetime Jdramas or normal day Jdramas, themes are quite conservative. Topics here are quite liberal and well, unique. Its like, topics are the usual and if lucky, they just cycling the themes of the dramas. Like for example, medical dramas then police dramas or family dramas or sometimes, legal dramas. Love stories, kinda rarity these days or seasons. At night dramas, everything goes! Continue reading

jdrama: Samurai Gourmet

Published June 12, 2017 in Jdrama - 0 Comments

Few times I streamed netflix and this was one of the series I watched and finished!!! When I first heard this series, I really frowned, because it’s another food jdorama plus it was done by Kusumi Masayuki which is very good at these food mangas.. Continue reading

Chou Denshi Bioman vs. Hikari Sentai Maskman

Published May 23, 2017 in Japan , Jdrama , others? - 0 Comments

Tama, yan ang mga original title ng mga Sentai team na yan. Whatever. hehe Pero yun ang sinisigaw nila sa opening credits. Sinisisi ko yun IBC 13 kasi parang di naman nila tinapos ito sa TV or talagang nalampasan ko. Pero sa lahat ng Sentai na pinalabas dito sa pinas except siyempre sa power rangers, eto yun talagang nagiwan ng masasayang alaala sa mga nakaabot dito.. Di ko alam kung alam ng millenials eto. hahaha Continue reading

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