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late for the second time…

Published May 30, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

I was huffing and puffing going to work.. well, it is very sad.. I was late for the second time.. for worse, 6 mins.. damn.. hehe I am sorry for being late.. I know there will be a letter coming to me today.. that’s fine.. it’s my fault.. I wasn’t able to sleep good before I got here.. well, if there is bad news.. there is good news.. since our new sched will take effect next week, our shift will be now Tuesday to Saturday, 10:30pm-7:30am.. and to Continue reading

after the day off…

Published May 29, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

I am not sure, if I really used my VL yesterday.. hehe I went to Ron Marc and played my new decks.. I got some favorable results.. some matches should have won but I made some bad plays.. hehe damn.. anyway, that’s fine.. I will just adjust some cards and plays.. hehe I got home at 7pm.. so I almost awake for 24 hours.. good job.. by the way, I was accompanied by Nick so good thing, he was not late or whatever.. but the problem was he went home at 4pm which is earlier than what he told me.. his excuse? he is going to watch sex and the city at Rockwell.. and he will go to Continue reading

75 mins avail…

Published May 27, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

well, well, well… good job good job good job.. hehe since it was a US holiday yesterday.. I only got 5 calls.. some of my team mates..none.. good job!! hehe what a day.. I got tired of waiting and surfing the net.. but today, it’s back to normal day.. well, it’s avail but not 75 mins long.. hehe there’s nothing new to me.. same ol’ me.. by the way, Igz visited me yesterday to upload his pics.. Multiply is causing some problems so he was not able to upload all his pics.. damn Multiply.. anyway, he will try it next time.. so, what are my plans in my VL later.. I will test my new decks.. the 2 new almost done decks.. I lack some cards but it will give a knockout punch.. hehe so I want to test it later.. well, no more preshift huddle as the days move forward because of the coming queues and to tell you honestly.. there is less updates to discuss in the daily updates, unless it involves our team stats, but other than that.. we just debate in our PnP knowledge.. hehe but that’s all we do.. anyway, important thing is we do our job well, we hope for a better CE.. and we can still breath after our calls.. hehe unlike the outsource ones.. hehe they are calling again.. those collectors don’t stop.. I don’t care.. hehe they need to wait for me.. don’t worry, I’ll pay them back.. just wait and see.. Continue reading

after the pool party

Published May 26, 2008 in friends , Happy! - 0 Comments

oh well, it was a fun filled day.. even though, we went to Splash Mountain in Los Banos, Laguna haggard.. because we came from our shift, which ended 5am.. anyway, it was a good outing.. even I did not swim.. hehe let’s start with the place.. it’s kinda small at first sight, but when we stroll around that resort.. it was big.. we got tired of walking around.. hehe so we just stayed at our seats, which are near the food service.. hehe but the program started at 10am.. and of course, we heard some opening remarks from our bosses and got good words from them.. I believe they like the Dell Philippines site.. hehe after those motivating words, the next part of the program was the much awaited raffles!!! first, they gave away an inspiron laptop.. one of the 7 laptops they gave away.. so a lucky employee won the laptop.. and then, they launched some weird summer games.. well, all of those games need to swim, so our team did not bother to join those games.. hehe so end up watching teams who are laughing, enjoying and giving all their effort to win such games.. the prize? sodexho GC’s which you can use it almost anywhere.. hehe and then, on 11:30am.. they got tired and declared lunch.. of course, we ran to the food service.. we lined up first!! hehe our team got lucky to eat early and did not need to queue at the end.. because it was long.. very long queue.. so after an hour and a half of eating and gossiping what will happen next, the program started around 1pm.. with more games.. and raffle more GC’s and some computers.. and then Dell Idol came in.. of course, the usual singing contest.. all the finalist sang their hearts out.. and we kinda like it.. at first.. and then at intermission.. they gave some prizes again.. lots of GC’s giving away.. Continue reading

hours before outing

Published May 24, 2008 in Happy! - 0 Comments

yes, I thought, I can go to church, like the anticipated mass.. maybe because, tito Boy came yesterday and downloaded some oldies but goodies songs to his Ipod.. the song came from his bunch of CD’s, including marvin gaye, with hair.. well, of course, it’s black and white.. so I am surprised.. hehe and then, I watched the Game 2 of the Lakers vs. Spurs.. and remember, I bet on this game for a wendy’s salad.. I bet at the Continue reading

2 days before the summer outing..

Published May 23, 2008 in Happy! , Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

yes, yesterday was Friday and at this moment, is Saturday.. hmmm, I planned not to swim on the summer outing because we are coming from work, so I will be dizzy due to lack of sleep.. that even will start 6:30am until well, 3pm… but I believe the event will be fun!! with all the food, the raffle and quality time with my team and other employees.. so knowing Dell more.. hehe by the way, yesterday, we got our invites for the event, as well, another free t-shirt and a transparent jug.. so I already have 3 free t-shirts, a bag, 1 mug, and free 1 jug.. from Dell.. it already beat the record of getting these free items from other companies I worked for.. in just 4 months.. hehe so the free items keep coming.. I’m grateful to be here.. Continue reading

advanced blog

Published May 22, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

this is an advance blog.. well, for today.. I came here to work at high spirits.. why? I don’t know.. I just feel happy even some distractors came yesterday.. collectors.. hehe anyway, Spurs lost in a game that they should won, if Manu is kinda focused.. in the closing minutes, he looks lost, he is not the Manu that I know for.. I’m not a Spurs nor Lakers fan.. but this series is interesting.. Continue reading

split off

Published May 21, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

yup.. split off for this week.. I was able to get a long sleep, and then I have new setup in my room.. I have a table at last.. right now, I am watching the Spurs vs. Lakers Game 1 west finals.. it seems, that Kobe’s team is a little bit rusty.. my Pistons lost yesterday.. very unfortunate.. I was able to accidentally delete my freaking first blog.. but fortunately, I have a copy at this Multiply blog.. hehe anyway, like I said, I was lucky to get a day off early because I am kind of lazy.. hehe so I am now ready for the next days, including the much awaited summer outing.. Continue reading

hearing a lightning sound

Published May 20, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

it did.. I got late for 2 minutes before I came for work as of the moment.. I like rains, but not that scary rains with thunderstorms and lightning bolts.. it was a scary moment, I thought I woke up late but at that time, it looks like midnight, so it was hard to sleep.. well, that’s all I can remember, and of course, I ate at BK so it made me come to work late.. I was so hungry when I woke so I need to eat first before I come to work.. damn.. what a day.. yesterday.. and now, oh yes!! since we have split off due to the summer outing, we will have our first off later, so since I am so lazy to get up for work this weekend.. it is the perfect timing to have the first off.. hehe after the first off, we will have 3 more days of work.. the last day of work, will be sort of half day because of the outing!! yes.. hehe so I need to prepare for the outing.. Continue reading

the first blog in the book 2

Published May 19, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

well, I thought of nothing.. hehe out of nowhere.. it was a busy yesterday.. I was able to get a new deck.. get ready.. just give me a week to learn it.. and I will annihilate my opponent.. hehe what else.. hmm I was able to watch the delayed telecast of Game 7 of Bos and Cle… Lebron James is sick, scored 45 points in a highly contest game!! even Paul Pierce, got a very good game at the right time, with 41 points!!! however, good plays at the end gave Bos an edge.. I really feel sorry for Cle, I can’t blame Lebron James to took bad plays at the end but he has no body to lean on.. it’s just unlucky.. congrats to Bos, but I believe, they will lose to Det.. hehe about the Lakers vs. Jazz.. that’s fine, Jazz has a bright future, like the Lakers.. hehe how about the NO vs. SA later? hmmmm.. I believe that NO will win later, but if that happens, they won’t win against the Lakers.. however, they have the brightest future ahead because of the development of the players they have.. they only need some good bench players.. good job!!! I created a new blog because the list is getting long for the first one.. and when I consolidate this to my multiply account, it doesn’t make short.. sort of thing.. so I am going to test this..

Continue reading