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nasaan ka na

Published June 30, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

hay kakapagod ngayong araw.. hehe di naman buong araw pero itong umpisa ng shift.. sa pagkatapos ng shift ko, nagkita kami ni Joanne, best friend ko nun college, pumunta kami sa puntod ni Prong.. well, mahabang lakaran nangyari kasi pinuntahan di namin un friend niya namatay din na halos katulad ng araw kay Prong.. un friend ni Joanne pumanaw ng Sept. 4, 2007, samantala si Prong, Sept. 5, 2008.. napakasaklap ng kapalaran.. pero ganun talaga ang buhay.. kailangan tuloy ang buhay.. pagkatapos noon.. dumerecho kami sa gateway ulit, at kumain.. masarap pala ang teryaki boy at siyempre, matagal na ko di nakakatikim ng coffee bean, kaya nangyari na noong sabado.. hehe maraming salamat Joanne.. di bale, babawi ako sayo.. at un, nakauwi na ko ng mga 3pm at nanood sandali ng NCAA.. hehe malakas ang San Beda.. 3 peat na to.. sayang un Mapua.. wala na naman silang malaki.. maraming tao sa Araneta noong sabado dahil opening ng NCAA, pero nanood na lang ako sa TV.. isa pang team na bilib ako, Letran.. wala na silang malaki ha.. pero nanalo pa rin sila sa JRU.. iba kasi ang batak na players ng Letran.. pero ang problema, pag San Beda ang kalaban, sure na talo sila.. hehe kawawa naman.. next week naman, UAAP na.. go uste!! Continue reading

last day of the workweek 2

Published June 27, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

yes.. and always.. been.. boring I guess.. hehe whoa, 60pesos a liter of gas!! starting today.. good job.. what the heck is happening in our country.. this is madness!! hehe lucky for me, I don’t have a car.. I believe it’s better not to have a car for these days.. seriously.. anyway, like I said yesterday, after just an hour, my pay gone away.. hehe just like that.. you won’t believe me but that is my situation.. broke.. this is so boring and tiring, I just slept for 6 hours and here, I came to work, and here, after my lunch I feel so lazy.. I just can’t wait to go home.. by the way, Joanne and I will visit Loyola park after my shift to check Prong’s grave.. so it will be a long walk in the park.. anyway, I do know now what to do in my days off.. since, Im broke, no where to go or whatsoever, I will just stay in one place, which is my house, specifically in my freaking room.. oh life.. it’s so gloomy.. most of the time..hehe when where will a time that I will end up really happy? like a very happy ending.. Continue reading

dark places

Published June 26, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

when I woke up last night, before I got to work.. I am just staring in my dark room.. so much darkness.. hoping there will be light in my room all the time.. hehe but I was like lying there lifeless, or feeling so much empty and alone.. whatever it is.. it’s not good.. but that’s fine.. I am trying to be happy in midst of these problems.. anyway, today is payday.. and it’s kinda low, of course with all the freaking deductions that the government made in our pay.. but I will just make some plans to have this pay go through.. hehe I have no money left.. huhu what a broke lad I am.. I don’t know if I will make it until next payday.. by the way.. what else.. I will outside for this lunch because I want to save the load left in my meal card.. hehe Continue reading

almost late

Published June 25, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

yes, I almost came to work late.. hehe after the very cold weekend, here came a very hot weekdays.. oh crap.. I am not getting straight sleeps like last week.. nothing changed.. I believe that I am getting frustrated for these past days.. maybe because of the problems I am facing now.. hehe but that’s fine.. the problems I am facing is like the brand like Gatsu has in Berserk.. it’s a curse.. sometimes, I can’t sleep because of it.. hehe but I am not depressed or sort of.. I don’t know.. maybe I am feeling just in a floating state of disorder I guess.. speaking of Berserk.. I haven’t read the following books.. I haven’t got much free time to read it because of the new queues we have.. hehe for short, no more petiks.. hehe but that’s fine, I will read it sometime.. because the chapters are getting interesting as I read more.. because of the hot afternoon yesterday, I changed the place of my bed.. I really can’t sleep at that place of my room.. especially with the rising sun.. anyway.. after I fixed my room, I tried to watch TV.. I tried Continue reading

came early..

Published June 24, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

yes, I came early due to some backlogs in the office that I need to finish.. although I just finished it just now.. hmmm payday is coming!! yes!! hehe yesterday, finally I used my TV.. but not that long I guess.. just for 30 mins.. and I was able to watch voltes V.. hehe and then, what else.. I ate tinola which I missed it last Monday night for my lunch.. and do some chores.. and sleep.. good job.. hehe what a boring day.. however, while Continue reading

new sked..

Published June 23, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

it’s like from a saying I read while riding a jeep yesterday, “hope in the Lord and use it as your strength like an eagle”, I am not sure if I got it correct but it’s kinda inspiring.. I hope I can do that every single moment in my life, right now.. hehe so, for the last 2 days, I was silent because of the storm came in Metro Manila.. his name is Frank.. I thought that the storm will like the Milenyo type which really wrecked Manila but it wasn’t.. it has strong winds but it has poured more rains than ever.. since what, last year.. so it was good time to rest but unfortunately, it generated floods some time.. kind of frustrating at first, but oh well, I got a very good sleep.. hehe all my desktop themes are Metal Gear Solid topics, because of the metal gear solid 4 release.. I am really want to buy PS3 for just one game.. hehe I saw one at SM Fairview and I am eagerly Continue reading

happy birthdays..

Published June 21, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

yesterday was full of food I can say.. and I slept late like 12pm.. so I got some lack of sleep.. damn..hehe anyway, what else.. hmmmm oh Len, one of my team mates also celebrated her birthday yesterday.. hehe and I believe nobody will be celebrating birthdays after the 21st of June.. today is the last day of our work week, yet we will only get 1 day off due to the schedule change.. I need to use all that time to sleep I guess.. what a hectic 2 weeks.. hehe good thing that today is on avail, at least, we need to rest our voices.. you see, we are having high volume of calls since the new queues showed up.. but at least, it’s manageable.. unlike my first call center which everyday, is a hectic day.. hehe even weekends.. goodness Continue reading


Published June 20, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

yes, yesterday was my Mom’s birthday.. as usual, we did not have a grand celebration, coz’ my Mom is simple.. hehe but before that, I went to my Dad and gave the cellphone he ordered, I did not stay that long because I am tired and kinda sleepy.. hehe so I went home and ate lunch together with my Mom and it was a simple yet happy lunch.. and after that, I slept.. hmmm not longer than yesterday but it was good, until at the middle of the hot afternoon.. brownout came.. crap.. but the electricity got restored after I don’t know how long.. hehe but it was restored and I got back to sleep fast.. anyway.. what else to say.. oh, Ivan’s birthday today, so happy birthday for the long hair dude.. hehe and of course, my friend Lee.. Continue reading

long sleep..

Published June 19, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

yes.. crap.. hehe kinda busy today, at the middle of the work week.. however, I was able to sleep longer yesterday.. I did not eat that much because I was so sleepy and bit tired from yesterday’s shift.. but well, I got a long sleep.. very good one indeed.. so I have nothing to talk about except some changes happening next week. like my schedule, since there was really a high spike of calls, we were informed just hours ago about the Continue reading

got sloppy..

Published June 18, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

yes, for today, I got sloppy.. I went to work today.. but I did not eat dinner because .. actually at this moment, it’s dell elite awarding, kinda noisy at the background but well, I did not win.. that’s fine.. hehe I got a low CE for the month of April.. I just hope that I can catch up just for one more.. hehe one more for my team and for me.. anyway, nothing changed yesterday.. Dad is so busy that he doesn’t want to do a follow up medical check.. well, I just hope that he is fine always.. he should visit the doctor sometime just to make sure he is ok.. I haven’t slept for a while, Continue reading

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