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no title

Published July 31, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

hehe I don’t know what will be the title was for today.. but because I have nothing special to say.. well, I was able to go home early and fast.. went to Kuya Allan and Alpro for some help.. Continue reading

better whatever

Published July 30, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

yes, I am better than yesterday, except for some coughs and some laziness.. hehe so, what happened yesterday? CE? forget it, next topic.. hehe hmmmm this is the 3rd day of our work week and time is fast for the days off!! yes.. hehe Continue reading

a bit better

Published July 29, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

anyway, I am a bit better today.. well, way better than yesterday.. maybe because of the meds that I took yesterday.. I decided to go home after I took my lunch but clinic did not give me any clearance to go home, so I ended up finishing my shift.. Continue reading

still sicko

Published July 28, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

damn, well I was able to go to work but not 100%.. crap.. I still feel sick.. damn.. I drank some bioflu but I believe, it’s still not enough.. it’s like I feel I have a slight fever.. damn.. sorry for the bad words.. hehe I am kinda of dizzy.. this is a different sickness unlike when I went from Sagada.. my body is stiff but not my head, or dizzy.. but this time, I came from a fever and just got here in work walking like drunk.. hehe maybe because I am not fully recovered.. when I am riding a jeep coming to work, I am sweating a lot.. even it’s night and cold, but I am still sweating a lot.. Continue reading

sicky and iffy

Published July 27, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

yes, when I woke up this morning, I feel so weak and like I am having a fever.. damn.. but I can stil go to work later.. hehe maybe because of so much thinking of my problems.. like I said before, it’s like a curse.. whatever.. SONA will be coming later.. I don’t care what she says.. but one thing is for sure.. all she will say are lies.. Continue reading


Published July 27, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

hay, pagkatapos ng dalawang araw na pagalis sa bahay at maglasing ng kaunti at maglaro ng magic, nandito na ulit ako.. hehe ano bang bago.. hmmm marami!! pero di naman un nakakagulat.. nung biyernes, pumunta ako sa Loyola para kay Prong.. tapos nung, deretcho ako sa renewal ng Driver’s license sa may LTO.. Continue reading

late, waaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!!

Published July 24, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

damn.. the taxi that I rode.. gone into a traffic route and came to work late by 2 minutes.. because of the rain and well, I woke up, around quarter to 9.. I can’t blame myself either.. so it’s the taxi’s fault.. crap.. hehe anyway.. payday today!!! yes!!! but oh well, it will go away!! hehe yesterday was almost a good one except for the late coming to work.. at the middle of the afternoon.. Continue reading

hungry like a wolf 2

Published July 23, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

yes, I did come here hungry but early.. hehe I got a good sleep.. yesterday was a simple one.. I should say, a routine day. got home, do some stuff.. take a bath, eat and sleep.. oh, I watched Voltes V.. hehe so that’s it.. I read some blogs as well, from my dear friend Villa.. interesting blog about saving these days.. Continue reading

fast day

Published July 22, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

yes, yesterday was a fast one.. why? after my shift, I was able to go home.. cooked some corned beef which I shouldn’t do because they cooked some porkchop.. oh well, I ended up eating corned beef.. hehehe I ate the pork chop before I got to work.. Continue reading

a new week

Published July 21, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

yes.. after a draining first week with the new sked.. I am now working for a new week with the new sked.. unfortunately, I am again almost late when I came to work today.. anyway, thanks to Ivan for the correction but I feel it’s still the right word for it.. hehe after watching the dark knight twice this last Friday and Saturday, here comes Sunday.. Continue reading

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