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Purple Rein

Published October 30, 2008 in Love - 0 Comments
Like I said, I saved the best or worse for last. hehe When we were together before, she like the color purple. I can see that the way she wear clothes, even shoes. Her smile, captivating and her looks could be deceiving but in the end, I really fell in love with her. Naks. Totoo ba to? Senti ka ata Alfred, lagi naman hehe Actually, there many words to describe “Pudit”, my ex. Nonetheless, even it ended up that bad, I mean we did not end what we want due to some factors we can’t seem to solve, I will never forget her. Like I said in my previous posts, I am still seeing her image in my room or even in the living room or even at the kitchen which I still remember she used to cook for us. hahaha

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Quotes to ponder

Published October 29, 2008 in friends , Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments
Siyempre hindi ito galing kay Bob Ong. hehe Nakita ko to sa kahon ko and it was a letter I received from a retreat wayback in College. Villa should have a copy of this, or any of my friends in 4BA1. haha I was able to keep the letters of my friends and especially from my retreats in school. Kapag ako’y malungkot or nababagot like this week, I am used to read these past letters. hehe Let’s start..

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rainy day

Published October 28, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments
Well, after my shift I went home with my umbrella. hehe Ayun ulan ng ulan at pagdating ko sa bahay, I watched some shows kahit alam ko na di na dapat panoorin. hehe I took a bath and sleep right away. Masarap ang tulog ko coz of the rains, tama lang ang lamig and walang istorbo. After that, ayun straight to work and that’s it, I am here, reading some news and bits about everything and nothing new except the fertilizer fund whistleblower is now home, at last. Namuti ang buhok sa kakaisip. Sana makonsensya siya kasi marami siya alam or kahit papano may alam siya kung pano naliquidate ang fertilizer fund ng ganun kadali. hehe

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Published October 27, 2008 in friends , Ironic Life!! , Love - 0 Comments
So, I will be writing an advanced posting tonight due to some boredom. hehe Kung si Villa walang magawa, ako naman, while at work and idle, wala din magawa. hahaha May blog na naman siya na interesting, kaso ang haba, daming tanong na dapat isagot. hehe Anyway, why Lynn? Who is this person? Actually she is a friend of mine. A special one. hehe Anyway, this is the person I described in my blog under the title of “ang tanong na may sagot” dated, let’s see if I am right, hmmmm 08/28/08. Almost 2 months na pala. hehe

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aysus! aysus!!

Published October 26, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

Ayun sa tingin ko, eto na ang blog ko for Monday. At wala naman ako ilalagay pa masyado. Except, nung nakagising ako ng maaga today, wala na ko maisip gawin. Pero actually, nahirapan ako makatulog kasi sa kakaisip kagabi, marami pumapasok sa utak na talagang pili ko inaalis. Malalim na tagalog yun ha. hehe Pero seriously yeah, I had a hard time sleeping last night due to some thoughts. Past thoughts that keeps bothering me.  Continue reading

slacker uprising

Published October 26, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

Di naman ako slacker. hehe Anyway, after posting my blog last Saturday, eh nakakuha ako ng mcafee extension for free, thanks to hehe So wala na ko problema sa virus scan or whatever. Medyo mabagal pa rin computer ko kasi sa sobrang dami ng files but that’s fine, wala naman weird happening sa computer ko, ok na yun. Matagal yun download, like around 3 hours, so nakapanood naman ako ng TV. From PBA, hanggang Imbestigador, ayun kahit papano updated naman ako sa TV shows. hehe Akalain mo may nahuli pa lang pabrika dito malapit sa min, gawaan ng pekeng Guess shirts. hehe  Continue reading

Leave Me Alone

Published October 25, 2008 in Ironic Life!! , Love - 0 Comments

On a thousand islands in the sea
I see a thousand people just like me
A hundred unions in the snow
I watch them walking, falling in a row
We live always underground
It’s going to be so quiet in here tonight
A thousand islands in the sea
It’s a shame
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Age Of Consent

Published October 24, 2008 in Love - 0 Comments
Hay naku, the extension of my agony starts today. hehe After my shift yesterday, I went home, do the usual stuff and watched Conan. Anak ng tokwa, tapos na pala yun Conan, yun here lang sa GMA, sa Japan, di pa tapos. hehe Papalitan na ng Street Fighter V. So no reason to turn on my TV at weekday mornings. hehe After that, I went down and do some stuff for my computer. Continue reading

The Village

Published October 23, 2008 in Ironic Life!! , Love - 0 Comments
Of course, this is not about the film from M. Night Shyamalan, I never watched that movie. hehe I only wish that I can switch the dreams I am getting into reality and the reality I am into can be switch into a nightmare. How pathetic I am now. Well, that’s life, very ironic. Continue reading


Published October 22, 2008 in Ironic Life!! , Love - 0 Comments
“I must say, happiness is overrated” good article from Queen. Well, for me, not good yesterday. Happiness did not come yet. I’ve never been so stressed out from work until yesterday. Oh well, this plan of theirs really getting in my nerves. But I’ve no choice but to follow it. Besides, I still be working here, and that’s part of my plan. hehe I know at first, it irritates me but oh well I will just go with the flow. After a very stressed shift yesterday, I just went home, do the usual stuff, slack and staring at myself, I’m down and kinda stressed out. It’s a borderline between stressed out and depressed, but after coming in to my senses, I ended up watching TV. hahaha

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