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isang taon nakalipas…

Published December 30, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

Ah letche, alam ko na napakabilis ng panahon. hehe Time really helps for a lot of things. Planning your life, healing from a broken relationship, recovering from a loss, thinking what’s best for you, and other things that make myself realize na mukhang kailangan ko magsimula muli at tanggapin kung ano mayroon ako. Naks, malalim ata. hehe Pero totoo, maybe you need to be facing these kind of problems and difficulties just to realize who you are, what you want to be, things that you really need and well, dreams as well. Poverty is a very good diet. hehe
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Published December 27, 2008 in Love , reviews - 0 Comments
Like I said before, I already bought the most anticipated 2nd Album from Up Dharma Down, BiPolar. Nabili ko siya after ng bazaar sa La Vista, courtesy sa invitation of Raims and Claire. hehe I bought it while I am strolling sa Gateway Cubao. Of course, naghanap ako ng Astrovision, pero unfortunately, wala sa Gateway. So malamang may Odyssey, I never thought na mayroon sila, kasi sa MOA wala sa Odyssey yun album kasi Indie. Well, I tried my luck here sa Gateway at alas, pagkita ko sa Indie section, may dalawang copies. I bought one siyempre, hehe 299 pesos siya. 

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Published December 26, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments
It’s nice to be back. hehe Prior to this post, hmmm I missed of a total of 24 posts, this will be a record! Pinaka kaunting post sa isang buwan! Good job! Anyway, somebody might ask, what happened to me. When I started being a tier 2 agent, I got so many things to do. Follow ups, fusion, escalation, sending emails to our distressed customers. hehe Many things that really sucked my energy up. Ika nga ni Efem, kaya pala kami nilagay sa Tier 2 ng ganitong buwan! hehe Good job naman diba. Well, many things happened, working wise because of the new role. Of course, sobrang kapa kami from the very first day we stepped in this new role.

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Published December 4, 2008 in C.R.A.P , Ironic Life!! - 1 Comment

Last Sunday, Rheg pestered me an invitation to watch a film called Twilight. Well, on that week alone, all the friends I asked, will be watching that film in the weekend. Good grief, even sa training, ayun lahat yun ang gagawin sa day off. hehe Even the book, siguro best seller na naman kasi nung may film, siyempre comparison na, so sige, bili din ng book. hehe Crap. I was not interested because first, I don’t really know what is this book or story is. Two, I watched the trailer, kinda good but I am guessing, who are they? hehe Number 3, everybody will be watching it, so it’s just about the hype.
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Published December 3, 2008 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

Yes, after a day in Tier 2, everything is chaos. What I learned in training is kinda hard to apply these days. hehe Sobrang ngarag ako kahapon and I don’t know how I made to finish the day. hehe Di bale, malapit na ang days off. Wah, tuloy na tuloy na kay Ron this coming Saturday, time to test the “deck”. hehe I took the APE yesterday kaya around 10am na ko nakauwi. I dropped by as well at Eastwood Mall, ayun, walang kalaman laman. hehe Hmmm Mom is doing good, but wants to back out to the shockwave procedure. Well, sometimes, she’s stubborn like Dad. hehe But I encourage her to take the procedure since it’s painless and no surgery so it’s better to take that instead going into surgery. Besides, matanda na rin si Mommy.
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