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eload and call cards

Published March 31, 2009 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments
It’s not a title of an album. hehe Of course, yun lang ang sinasabi ko everyday, almost every minute just to get the attention sa mga commuters. Oh well, a typical day. hehe Of course, life is kinda hard yet fulfilling. Perhaps, you start the day at the shop receiving a message from someone, someone that’s kinda past. 

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first week of normality.

Published March 29, 2009 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments
Like I told you, more “normal” words to come. hehe Anyway, what a first week. Getting up in the morning then go to the shop, sell some stuff. I am thinking putting that shop here. hehe I know it was kind of tiring, because unlike sa work, you will only work for 5 days, but this one, I need to come to the shop for 7 straight days. hehe So ang off ko eh now lang, Sunday, afternoon. 

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2nd and 3rd day

Published March 25, 2009 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

After a very short first day of working sa shop. Here came 2nd and 3rd day. Ayun, medyo nanghuhula pa sa price. May nabenta nga me china phone, sobrang baba than the expected price, pero binili pa rin. Nadala sa de-escalating kung baga. hehe Anak ng tokwa, all the principles in Business management applies everyday. From planning on how much I need to sell, to organizing our inventory, leading my two men shop, me and my technician. hehe And lastly, controlling, siyempre, kailangan makita din kung may progress. Continue reading

first day of normal day

Published March 23, 2009 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments
 woke up and of course it’s morning! At last, I can smell morning scent. hehe Anyway, wala naman ako masulat, nahilo lang ako kahapon kasi sa pesteng counterstrike na gusto laruin ni Algerro. Di malabas ang bot, pero nun lumabas ang bot, ayun naghang. I give up, I got dizzy and slept. After that, nakita ko pa yun PBA na tambak yun Red Bull ng bente, then when I got online, ayun nanalo pa sila. hehe

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Published March 21, 2009 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments
In Japanese, not the word itself, but usually what a Japanese employee do, is to present a letter with the words “resign” or whatever. You can see that in Japanese movies or j-drama. Folded white paper with those black characters. I like that kind of style. However, of course, it is not applied here. hehe

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before the last step

Published March 19, 2009 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

Yes, there will be a time, something will end, something will start for a new beginning. I don’t know what will happen to me, but I know, this time, I will do my best to make it right. I got late today, peste kasi, talagang taghirap. hehe Nakita ko na yun sweldo ko, at ok naman, yun expenses lang ang hindi. Bad trip. hehe Ano pa ba. Oh, somebody has a multiply account already, fresh from Camiguin. Mukhang masayang masaya siya sa trip at maganda talaga ang Camiguin. Kung nagkataon pala, if my plans go through from past week, three is a party. Definitely. One from the past and one from the present. Nice meeting. hehe
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Published March 18, 2009 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

Yes, two person I know have the same birthday yesterday, 03/18/09. One, former team mate of mine at HSBC days, which lumipat din. hehe Pero sa south, not in Dell. The other one? Let’s say, someone known at the past. hehe Someone I say, the ideal lady. hehe Pero I hope she is ok and doing fine. For the past two days, it was a bit regular day. Wala naman bago, except done some wrong errands. hehe Tapos eto, panay isip ano gagawin na deck at ano gagawin for next week. Continue reading

it was her birthday…

Published March 16, 2009 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

Sunday, March 15, 2009, it was Rein’s birthday. I thought I can post yesterday but due to some problems, errands and some crap, I was not able to do so. hehe Rheg was so surprised, and he reacted, “Adik ka na tol.. Lahat ng gagawin mo, para lang makausap siya..” Not the exact words, but the same meaning. Oh well, I told him. “Matagal ko na ginagawa bro, ngayon lang siya nagreply” hahahaha Her reply? Not exact words again but thanks for the letters, say hi to my friends and family, especially Algerro (my youngest brother and he calls her bestfriend) and take care. She also said hi to mom and pagaling siya due to what happen as you know.
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Published March 15, 2009 in Ironic Life!! , Love , reviews - 0 Comments
I bought a pirated DVD with all the hitman flicks or assasin flicks, yes you got it right, it included Hitman adaptation which is a fairly movie. Not good, not too bad. The reason I bought that 1 DVD bundle is because of one film that I was not able watch nor rent from Kuya Dong. Leon, the professional. Or in some titles, The professional. I don’t know why I am so curious sa movie na yun, pero siguro it’s assasins, Jean Reno and later, Natalie Portman?

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Movie Marathon 2

Published March 10, 2009 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

Of course, pagkatapos manood ng Wanted, natulog and tried to watch other tv programs. hehe Monday came and dapat, di na ko manonood, but it changed my mind when lunch came, panoorin ko na yun ibang DVD na binili ko. The next one I watched was Taken. Ipapalabas pa lang siya later sa mga sinehan. hehe Of course, the one I got is European version, the only difference was yun Taken was released in Europe last year pa, so yun mga credits are French. Definitely, the dialogue is English, so there should no problem with that. hehe Continue reading