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Published October 30, 2009 in others? - 0 Comments
Well, after everything happened for these past 3 days, it’s still a battle. I’ll go back to that later. It’s kinda fast, so fast that I forgot to do something. hehe And I felt tired just late, not in the process itself so, it’s an interesting one. Why every last week of October is so damn thrilling. Last year, not the same story but something happened. So I don’t know what’s with this week. Damn week.

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broken lines (collection 3)

Published October 27, 2009 in broken lines - 0 Comments
actually, this should be a poem but since I am so tired and I can’t think straight artistically. hehe
anyway, here are the lines that I usually say. I know I’m not that talkative or expressive in words. But sometimes, when I’m alone, I talk to myself. hehe Or, my usually replies to my friends or family or somebody I talked to. even at texting. hehe

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Published October 24, 2009 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments
hay, at last!!!! 2 weeks of hard work and now, I am here at my fave spot. My sanctuary. My room. Listening to Kaskade and I’m like in a daze.. So, delay na nga ito, dapat nung 21 pa. hehe Oh!!! Di natuloy yun painom ni Dennis, masyado ata napasarap ang honeymoon sa Bohol. hehe

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kaarawan at kasalan

Published October 20, 2009 in friends , Happy! , Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments
When I heard from the congo grille waitress that the party will start at 3pm, I said to myself, damn, I really missed black dynamite. Hehehe Paikot ikot lang kami ni William sa MOA habang naghihintay sa 1st birthday ni Chloe, unica hija nila Walter and Jack.

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unplanned 3

Published October 18, 2009 in unplanned - 0 Comments
Of course, unplanned ito hindi dahil linggo kundi, what happened last Friday. Let’s go back time at that well, exhausting day!!!
I got my haircut at a hot Friday afternoon sa Kolin’s Barbershop, ang barbero ng mga lourdesian. hehe So while taking a haircut, I am reading some newspapers, and I look to a certain article about Cinemanila. I checked the showtime listings and look what I found, Black Dynamite at 3:30pm showing and Philippine Premiere: Inglorious Basterds at 8pm. When? Edi same day, Friday. Where? Market, Market.

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