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oh posh!

Published November 30, 2009 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments
Me and Claire are saying that word for the whole time while waiting for a jeep inside the Ayala Alabang Village going outside, back to ATC. Where waiting and tired going back. Simpletons waiting in a posh village, just saw posh people, stars, water, and bazaar. What a posh life! hehe Which I don’t want to be, even you’re kinda super rich. hehe Ah yes, the village has a jeepney toda, they don’t like trikes I guess.

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5. Ideal Girl

Published November 30, 2009 in Love - 0 Comments
Well, as you see, I do have standards, but sometime you will think the right one for you. Standards only give you at least some of the qualities you want. But Ideal, I think is almost all the things you want to have. Qualities of a girl you want to be with.
Nah, not a perfect girl you can say that but it’s more like molding your type of clay.

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the Guys can’t handle Vegas!

Published November 26, 2009 in movies , reviews - 0 Comments
I wish I was Alan, who is a total jerk yet in the end, saves the day, at least. Hehe I wish I was Stu who is paranoid about his chick yet she cheated to him. However, he got Jade in the end. Nice. Hehe How about Doug, who is going to be married, unfortunately, if you’re too good and kind, you will be ending up in the roof. hehe

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unplanned 6

Published November 22, 2009 in unplanned - 0 Comments
While doing some important work at home, here contemplating how fast time is. I mean, akalain mo, 8 months na ko sa shop? hehehe
Many things happened during that span of time, some good, some bad and worse..

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Lips like Sugar

Published November 20, 2009 in others? - 0 Comments
Tama na ang pagiging malungkot. hehehe Or emo or whatever you call it. Grabe this week. Kailangan pa din makabawi. Bad trip. hehe
Pero bakit nga ba yun title eh ganun? Hmmm, one of my favorite songs, especially at the new wave age. I never thought dati ha na magugustuhan ko tong kanta. Grabe nun napakinggan ko yun kanta, kala ko U2. hehe Hindi, sweet yun kanta saka it describes a girl you like, and literally, has lips like sugar. Ang sweet. hehe

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