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unplanned 30

Published November 29, 2011 in unplanned - 0 Comments

Tama na muna ang pagkabanal. hehe

Well, great that NBA is back.. Siyempre..

West teams, my fave are OKC at DAL pa din. East teams, MIA and CHI.. That’s it, 66 game schedule fine, not much player movements at importante sa lahat, odds ah sorry, maglaro na. =)

Great K-CON, hoping to be back next year.

I just got back from St. James bazaar, congrats kay Raims.. Wow, it paid off, I hope those new contacts you got will work for you.

Ah, may mga namove na naman ako na blogs, pero sure na next month. hehe

For the past weeks, great na ok naman ako in health.. Yun nga lang tuloy ang inom ng iron.. Ah, sa shop, nakakabawi na malamang kasi holidays na. Maawa naman sila no. hehe Work? Good naman kaso well… After everything is very fine at work.. Bad happens.. =(

Naisip ko nga yun K-CON parang iba yun nangyari sa kin ha, baliktad.. But well, I can’t blame him.. I treat it as a test.. Breakthrough, or a pause perhaps. What I feel in this coming holidays.. Quite gloomy for me. But I know, he will just provide. =) Always.
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classics: Tetsuo the Iron Man

Published November 29, 2011 in classics , Japan - 0 Comments

I can’t believe this will be a cult classic. Even there are many japanese films that can be an instant classic or perhaps worth to keep as a classic such as Kurosawa’s films.. Some of them, although bizaare or shock driven to your senses.. Made it classic.. In my top 10 of Japanese films, most of them directed by present and living directors. Some of course from Akira and one from Mifune.. This one well.. Suprisingly, included.. At least top 5..
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Grand Feast

Published November 26, 2011 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

Oh God, why I’m walking from Taft to CCP.. Geez.. I’m in a hurry as well..

I was sweating hard and really in a hurry to get there on time. I hope the mass is delayed.. Whoa.. But oh well, when I reached the opening of CCP open grounds, it was already the homily.. Damn I missed the important part.
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K-CON Singles

Published November 26, 2011 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

wake up around 6am and left house around 7am.. Geez, I don’t want to be late.. But after that fun filled Friday, goes Saturday with some of my CG friends.. I choose this stream, because simply I’m single.. Wanting to discover more not only how to get into a new relationship but about life itself a single one.
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K-CON Free concert

Published November 26, 2011 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

After the leadership conference, of course.. There was a free concert. Actually at that time, I’m just waiting for a text from my closest friends but well, she was not available at that time.

I decided to go with April and enjoy the concert, besides it’s free and it has a good lineup of performers. Even I have so many things to do, why not enjoy sometime!
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K-CON Leadership

Published November 26, 2011 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

That just gave me, around well, less than 20 hours of sleep in 3 days..

Around less than 3 hours for all the travelling and preparation for those 3 days..

However, 1 thing is for sure.. It gave me and all of us, 1 glorious gathering for God!
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flashbacks: Wanbol

Published November 26, 2011 in Flashbacks - 0 Comments

I had other nicknames in the past.. Tentay, JR, hmmmm well, recently Pnoy, Fred, Pedong, Alfred of course, one time eh Alf, kapangalan ng Alien character sa isang TV show dati.. All of them, siyempre kinaya ko..

Unfortunately, one really not stands out for me, or even my Dad calls it, I’m quite demotivated.. Those childhood years.. It’s Wanbol. Yeah, I cannot believe I still remember that name. Sa other classmates, Bukol. Great.
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Doc Ian

Published November 26, 2011 in C.R.A.P , Love - 0 Comments

When there was a time na as he helping my uncle at noong tinitignan ko siya, sabi ko.. Sobrang swerte ko na meron ako bro na maasahan not only in the field of Medicine, pero sa buhay.. Dedicated sa work and of course, di lang dun. As a friend, at may assistant pa siyang magaling, Doctor din. hehe Continue reading

realizations (part 26)

Published November 13, 2011 in others? - 0 Comments

449. for so long, I still afraid of riding a bike. hehe

450. parang sometimes, lumalabas ang pagiging gummybear.. Hay badet. hehe A form of expression kasi especially when you’re environment is in this industry.. Gorah!!!
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