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Nostalgia: Proj. 7

Published February 24, 2012 in others? - 0 Comments
It only took three minutes to walk from Roosevelt hanggang Lanutan St. Habang naglalakad ako eh tinitignan ko yun mga bahay at ang laking pinagbago. Sabagay, the last time I really went there na matagal eh around 2000 pa, after nun maglipat kami. Yun lugawan sa kanto, mukhang di na yun eh, tapos yun tindahan wala na. Kahit yun botika sa Roosevelt eh Generiks na. Bagong bukas. Nagugulat ako sa ibang bahay dun, biglang laki na o magandang tignan di gaya nun panahon ko. hehe

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High and Dry

Published February 19, 2012 in Love , reviews - 0 Comments

Their best album is the Bends. Even they released a lot after that second album, still, it’s the best for me. Until now. It’s a mixture of great alternative songs and prelude of what they are doing now, somewhat electronic mix of rock. That was evident in OK computer onwards. Continue reading

No Surprises

Published February 19, 2012 in Love , reviews - 0 Comments

I thought, at first, the title of the song is Planet Telex which of course, incorrect. I finally got the right title and yes, why it’s second? Because it’s a good lullaby song and makes me sleep. Damn that rhythm making me sleep, but the lyrics and Thom’s voice, I know, it will make me sleep. A good night sleep. =)
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Published February 19, 2012 in Love , reviews - 0 Comments

Third Song. Actually, they have a lot of songs to choose from but I chose this from their great Kid A album because.. It brings back the JD style of music, digital yet, somehow experimental rock track. Another is the feel of it, it’s great coming from a great players, from bass, some synthesizers and most of all, drums. Electricfying! Continue reading

Karma Police

Published February 19, 2012 in Love , others? - 0 Comments

I think this was the song I was hooked to them. I saw their weird yet fun music video wayback HS days. Geez, man running from a slowing car and Thom just singing this song. Quite nostalgic perhaps. Continue reading


Published February 19, 2012 in Love , others? - 0 Comments

For this next 5 songs… Of course, coming from a great band. A living legend for alternative rock, they never cease and still doing their artistic songs.. Rock songs.

Simply Radiohead!
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Circle of Friends: Koolits!!

Published February 19, 2012 in friends - 0 Comments

Let’s describe my group of friends, although di lahat eh may communication pa, pero I just miss those times together with them. If lucky some of them until now.

Simulan ang HS at isa na dun ang Koolits!!! Well, sa counsel naman, although friends ko naman silang lahat despite what happened eh mas kilala ko kasi itong group ko in HS.
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