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Clueless eh…

Published November 29, 2012 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

Honestly, I don’t know what to write in this one.. hehe I don’t want to spoil naman what happened last weekend. Katamad naman magreview ng movie.

I want to watch a movie pero baka malate naman ako sa work. hehe  Continue reading

classics: Being John Malkovich

Published November 28, 2012 in classics - 0 Comments

Have you thought of being in someone’s body in 5 minutes and see, feel of that person?
Me? Nah, because I am contented in what I am or so, but if it’s for fun… Why not?

This film well, it caught my attention from the title itself. I mean, you can be Being Tom Cruise, or Being Julia Roberts or Being whatever celebrity they can think of, but they ended up with John Malkovich. I want to know as well at that time, does John Malkovich really show in this film?
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unplanned 41

Published November 16, 2012 in unplanned - 0 Comments

Nakakagulat na aabot sa 41 editions of these spontaneous posts of my ironic life. hehe

Anyway, bago ako magaral for the exam tomorrow para sa product training eh feeling ko parang RAM ang work ko. Pero it’s a lot challenging and yes, may AHT na backoffice. RAM din ang seating, midshift ang sked kasi walang upuan. hehe But ok lang, weekends off and it’s a sign na mukhang makakaserve na. Naks.. Thanks!

Basta ang sure eh Sunday off, ok na.. Sana pagpumasa at natrain ako ng ibang queue eh pangumaga naman ang sked. 

Bit by bit I was able to fix some things, but not all of it pa. Due to budget constraints eh mukhang pagiipunan ko pa yun iba. 
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Kung Ako’y Isang..

Published November 16, 2012 in points of view - 0 Comments


Once a catholic priest asked me pagkatapos ko magsuggest na kailangan ng maraming pari sa kumpisal, na bakit di daw ako magpari. Or another instance na pagnasa confession booth ako then after I speak eh tanong ng pari, pari ka ba?  Continue reading


Published November 15, 2012 in reviews - 1 Comment

Kulang na lang Ref ang gawin nila o siguro, sariling computer set. hehe I mean the processor, RAM, HDD or even motherboard. Lahat ng  peripherals meron na sila eh.  Continue reading