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Published February 28, 2013 in reviews - 0 Comments

Hay, what a relief na tapos na ang February.. Although short sa QA but other stats, ok na. I can say possible tataas na ang score ko this March! Medyo nakukuha ko na yun work flow. hehe  Continue reading

Almost gone: Walkman/Music Players

Published February 28, 2013 in others? - 0 Comments

Great thing that Apple still releases yun ipod touch, kasi with great sounds that you can bring around then with a lot of songs you can store, you can also enjoy yun apps at other tasks even watching movies. Without yun phone feature which for me, ok lang.. Pero with the dawn of tablets, at smartphones na pwede din to do the same things with great sounds eh.. Parang nawawala na mga ito.  Continue reading

flashbacks: ROTC

Published February 27, 2013 in Flashbacks - 0 Comments

I feel so deprived when I see a student going to ROTC Sunday sa UST without any pressure or sorts kasi well… They only need 2 sems to finish the course at wala na silang problema sa graduation. They can choose pa instead of ROTC, community service through NSTP. They should thank or kahit sa batch namin or even sige lahat to Cadet Chua. Because of him, we might be still languishing wasting precious Sundays to a training which all we do, waste time and money.  Continue reading

unplanned 44

Published February 27, 2013 in unplanned - 0 Comments

Kakapagod magsulat ng Ring! Ring!, paano nasa important parts na eh. hehe Anyway, drooling over the latest gadgets even for a new desktop computer, what I do is just wait. Hoping that I can buy those things. But due to my capacity and plans, I can’t.. Pero satisfied naman ako just staring at them, maybe motivate to buy them in the far future. hahaha Continue reading

Daddy Freddie

Published February 11, 2013 in Love - 0 Comments

Throughout the years, I’m kinda distant with him. Honestly, at first after what happened, eh I was harsh or had bad feelings towards him… But panay naman bisita ko sa kanya and hingi ng tulong. hehe

However, feelings changed and it’s for the better. =) Continue reading