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unplanned 47

Published June 27, 2013 in unplanned - 0 Comments

Hay, well. Where to start? 

As much I want to have fun or be happy, eh I’m worried lang. Due to that test, I’m waiting na sana di malala yun findings or so.. I hope and pray, that whatever I need to be healed or healthy, I’ll do it. =) Especially ngayon na ok na ang work, sked, some things except my computer hehe and a lot more. Life these days for me, has more good than bad. 

Enough of that crap. For now. =) Continue reading


Published June 27, 2013 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

Another thing I learned sa call center or BPO, multitask. Can you believe that even I’m writing eh kinakausap pa ko ni Gerro with of course agreeing kung ano sinasabi niya plus talking to him at nagiisip kung ano isusulat ko.  Continue reading

almost gone: Sitcoms

Published June 26, 2013 in others? - 0 Comments

Situational comedy ang ibig sabihin nito. Karamihan, tawag eh slapstick. In a very short time, you’ll be laughing or having fun makinig o lalo na makita ang mga jokes o kalokohan na nito. Paano pa kaya pag isang oras na puro ganito.  Continue reading

flashbacks: Cooler Summer

Published June 26, 2013 in Flashbacks , Love - 0 Comments

(..End of Summer, Start of Rain..)

There was a time in my life na masasabi ko, satisified ako. One of the reasons, I love rainy season.. hehe I mean, despite sa stress and conflicts basta there is one thing that keeps you going, anything can be managed. Love is such a beautiful thing to keep. Always.
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One and a half year regular

Published June 24, 2013 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

After sabihin ni TL na due to my consistent stats and some crap, eh eto, first time after a long time.. Naregular ako sa Stellar, at may bonus pa, pang umaga! hahahaha At yun pinangarap kong sked pa, 6am-3pm. Hay… At siyempre, still.. Backoffice. Although pay is kinda one of the lowest, actually second to the lowest, well, I’m satisfied. =) Continue reading


Published June 15, 2013 in reviews - 0 Comments

This June, siyempre, the ever famous, favorite month of mine. Not only my birthday, but almost maraming may birthday! hehe At siyempre special ito kasi yeah.. All of the sudden, it will be a new normal for me.  Continue reading