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Published November 30, 2015 in Happy! - 0 Comments

Mainit init pa! hehe Think of it, 1200 posts, which is like 10 post per month and for 10 years. I’ve down it way less than that. Wow.. I don’t know what to say or well, just a smile of my face. Continue reading

Crushes: Hirosue Ryoko

Published November 30, 2015 in Love - 0 Comments

Noong nagguest siya sa isang sikat na talk show in Japan, unang tanong ng host.. Talaga bang 30 years old ka na? Malamang ganun din itatanong ko pag nakita ko siya in personal. hahaha Di halata.. Hay.. Hmmm when did I see her first? It’s weird pero I saw her sa departures. It is one of the great japanese films ever, at one thing ako nadistract, siya mismo. hehe Continue reading

Flashbacks: A Snake in down south

Published November 30, 2015 in C.R.A.P , Flashbacks - 0 Comments

(disclaimer: This was my point of view then. For other details, ask him. hehe)

I was going to my sister’s house then.. As you know, she lives in Las Piñas and at that time, of course just starting at UST and yeah, meeting friends within UST and out. There was a girl that time, who well, girlfriend of one of my friends.. Then that time, SMS was the thing and it’s easy to communicate unllike these days with all that apps coming out. 
Continue reading

Not Showing: TAG (Sion Sono film)

Published November 30, 2015 in Not showing - 0 Comments

Tagalog naman. hahaha Saka ibang style naman for this film para madali. Grabe kapapanood  ko lang ng Yakuza Apocalypse, eto naman.. Gritty yet crappy film! haha Nung first trailer na lumabas ito, grabe naexcite ako! Siyempre Triendl Reina running for her life tapos other chicks and Sion Sono film? Why not! Mahintay nga. hahaha Naisip ko sana ipalabas dito.

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Jdrama: Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san

Published November 29, 2015 in reviews - 0 Comments

Sa haba ng title, maiksi lang ito at mabilis. hehe Paano ba naman kasi, 4 episodes and 19 mins each episode! Simply lang naman kasi ang story. New transferee na pangalan eh Koizumi-san, tapos eto si Yu na may girl crush, tinawag niya si Koizumi na nakapila sa isang ramen house. Yun lang, dun na nagsimula ang story nila. Si Koizumi eh kahit maganda, suplada at masungit. Nagiiba siya pag kumakain na ng Ramen. hehe Continue reading

unplanned 70

Published November 29, 2015 in unplanned - 0 Comments

Pagkatapos nito, dalawa na lang! hahaha Mahahabol ko na yun mga post na kulang ko for the past, 3 months? Grabe… Hay ano ano kasi inabot ko malas sa computer, una DVD drive tapos sa huli, palit HDD na talaga. Ayun, eto mukhang bago ang computer ko. Ang bilis! hahaha Mamaya yun ultimate test.. Pirata!

I learned a lot at those times na parang ano na gagawin ko pag ayaw gumana ang pesteng computer ko. Dun ko natutunan na importante ang computer ko kaysa sa phone. Second close ang phone. hehe I mean in my material possesions. Grabe ang DOTA dati kasi nagsave pa ko para sure na aandar, pero sa bagong HDD, isang save lang at tuloy tuloy na ang laro! Ganun pala. Kaso kailangan ko magingat kasi seagate ito kaya yun rumors na madali ito masira eh malalaman na natin in the next years. hehe
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Prison School

Published November 29, 2015 in reviews - 0 Comments

I think I haven’t done an anime review for a while or a long time. Anyway, what interest me in this anime was the simple premise, 5 dudes in an all girls school got imprisoned! Due to the all girls school change of heart and to be in line of these times, they thought of adding boys in their school. Then these 5 boys, as well, adolescense hormones rages, planned to peep into the girls bathroom.. Continue reading


Published November 29, 2015 in movies , reviews - 0 Comments

Well, Dad loved it because of the luscious scenery all throughout the film. For me, I hope I could have used the free ticket to watch Popoy and Basha. hehe I’ll tell you why, it’s not what I hoped for.
Everybody has high expectations for the film, after the very successful Skyfall, they or we expect if not better, a good follow up Bond film.  Continue reading