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A Prodigal Son

Published March 31, 2016 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

One of the beloved and well known parables in the bible. A very long gospel which endears me most especially at times that I kinda slip due to my sins.. Di ko akalain, sa dami ng parables na gusto ko basahin or memorize, eto yun parang tumitigil ang mundo ko or it always giving me fits… Kung baga, parang, mapapaisip at mararamdaman mo na talagang mahal ka ni God.  Continue reading

unplanned 74

Published March 23, 2016 in unplanned - 0 Comments

Ha! Di ako susulat sa huli ng March. hehe Para maiba naman. Kakagaling ko lang sa party ni Lolo, at ang sarap ng lengua. hahaha 

Hmmmm I’m taking this short time to rest and move on to let’s say, a new path for me. This will determine my future. I want to make sure, I don’t want to go back and yes, taking my own path. Malalaman natin yan in the next weeks. I hope, there will be, progress. Continue reading

Legend (2015)

Published March 23, 2016 in movies , reviews - 0 Comments

I saw first the trailer of this film and I was shocked that you’ll see not one but two Tom Hardy’s in one flick! Based on a true story?! I don’t how he pulled it off but I hope it will show here. Continue reading

flashbacks: Back up Blog

Published March 16, 2016 in Flashbacks - 0 Comments

At last!!!! Sa dami kong ginagawa for the past days, eh salamat, kampante na ko na di na mawawala yun blogger site ko. Nakaback up na. 

Tapos na! hehe Kidding. Anyway, I was just worried that this blog might not have any copy. Yes for almost 8 years of writing, I did not back it up. Seriously and all of the sudden, just a safe precaution, I back it up sa aking extra HDD and flash drive. Continue reading