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Not Showing: Where to Invade Next?

Published April 29, 2016 in Not showing - 0 Comments

It’s been a while that I haven’t watched a Michael Moore documentary. I kind of miss this dude. Great thing, he has a new documentary and all I can say was…
It’s the lightest documentary he made. His topic for this one was simple. What ideas he can steal from European countries and apply it to the America… It’s pretty simple isn’t it? Continue reading

crushes: Tilda Swinton

Published April 29, 2016 in Love - 0 Comments


Well, this time, hmmmm Let’s go to older women. At this time, she is the oldest woman I listed in this series. 55 years old! Hahaha I can’t believe she looks like one. Anyway, the first time I saw was in the movie Michael Clayton, with George Clooney. Great thing she won an Oscar for her role as a very hell bent lawyer. Then, when I got her name at that film, I followed her since then. Continue reading

unplanned 75

Published April 29, 2016 in unplanned - 0 Comments

Hay, kakalungkot pa din na wala na si Prince! =( Biglaan. Shocking and sad. Well, that’s how life goes. Daming legends na namayapa na this year, and I hope that will kinda lie low in the coming months di ba?

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Ginebra! Ginebra!

Published April 20, 2016 in points of view - 0 Comments

Naiba yun isusulat ko bigla. Dapat isang japanese movie pero dahil sa napanood ko kanina, bigla ako ginanahan magsulat tungkol sa pinakasikat na basketball team, di lang sa PBA, kung hindi sa pinas! Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings! O baka mali yun monicker na alam ko. hehe 
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Published April 20, 2016 in Happy! , Love - 0 Comments

Nah, I don’t write Berserk. That’s Miura sensee job. hehe But surprisingly, after some searching accidentally, I ended up happy to hear that this series is back, in TV!!!! Wow! I heard the news before that there will be new 3 movies but this news came as a surprise. Even Miura will write a new novel in this coming summer. He has no choice to do the new chapter in summber because the TV series is produced by himself.
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Transporter Refueled

Published April 20, 2016 in movies , reviews - 0 Comments

Yes, you are reading it right. I’m a transporter film fan, even I did not watch the short TV series. hehe Well at the first news they said that a new actor will act for the transporter, I was skeptic who will act this one. They also planned that to reboot the story.  I don’t what Besson is doing for his past films, even they were produced by him. I think the only one I can say successful film he produced, was Lucy. But that was not really good film, story wise. 

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flashbacks: PVP Liner

Published April 14, 2016 in Flashbacks - 4 Comments

Noong pauwi kami galing south at dumaan kami sa Lacson sa may UST, napaisip tuloy ako na kung ano nangyari sa PVP liner? Sayang naman yun.. Sa mga di nakakaalam, eto yun bus na isa lang ang biyahe, from UST, deretchong Ayala Ave lang naman! hehe 
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