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Published December 23, 2018 in Japan , movies - 0 Comments

As I watch the Nippon Eiga Channel, I ended up with this one. Besides, I haven’t watch it full before so since I have nothing else to do, I gave this movie a chance now.

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Cliche in Jdorama

Published December 23, 2018 in Jdrama - 0 Comments

Sad to say, due to many, difficult, uphill tasks I need to do this past year, I was not able to watch and worse, finish any Jdorama this year. But it doesn’t mean, I won’t watch any of it. Since I have been watching this for a long time, I can say, I’ve noticed something about Jdorama that is unique from other tv dramas around the world. Hell I can’t even compare to our country. Geez.. Cheesy as it seems… Who cares. hahaha

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Sony X7500E 43 TV

Published December 23, 2018 in reviews - 0 Comments

Alam mo, kung sasabihin mo sa akin, na magkakaroon ako ng ganitong TV.. Sasagutin ko lang, hindi. Paano ba? hahaha Saka ang preferred ko projector kasi movie experience ang gusto ko eh! O kaya well, OLED kasi sa display nakikita ko sa mga appliance stores.

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Spiderman into the Spider verse

Published December 23, 2018 in movies - 0 Comments

I did have a choice to which film should I watch. I could have wait for Bumblebee or go ahead splurge my free ticket to Aquaman. However, I ended up watching this great animation comic book movie even in a small crowd. Boy, the free ticket was well damn worth it! =)

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