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A Year of Jdrama

Published January 8, 2017 in Jdrama - 2 Comments

Wow, I think I will be doing this every year! hehe Disclaimer.. I haven’t watch each of them, so you may have your own choices. I’m doing this for fun and well, I have watched a lot anyway. But definitely, this year has a lot of good jdramas than last year. Way way better.

Worst Jdrama: Yassan – despite interesting cast but it failed to deliver. I did not even finish the first episode. I got bored especially how the great bummer kinda gets all that free food yet get respected in tsukiji area. hehe I got that disinterested and yeah, not suprisingly, only finished 6 episodes. Doctor Chosousan almost quite made it, but it has ehem, Fujii Mina. hahaha

Worst Actor: Tanihara Shinusuke – this dude, looks cool always in a drama or film. Damn, he also doesn’t look old despite his age. hahaha But in Doctor Chousahan, he doesn’t change emotions plus he was not charismatic like he always do in jdramas.

Best Short Drama: Otoko Meshi – Damn this show, it combined what I like, food and a bit of suspense action until the last episode. It has fun but serious characters and the story that was quite realistic especially for the lead character. Namasa Katsuhisa and Emoto Tokio has good chemistry togehter!

Worst Short Drama: Tokyo Sentimental – Despite again a great cast, but after some minutes, I fell asleep. Old dude just travelling around tokyo plus flirting. hehe But yeah, I just fell asleep and did not enjoy. I guess it’s because of the pacing.

Most polarizing Jdrama: Fukigen na Kajitsu – This should be in a R rating eiga. hehe But well it’s TV so you can’t. It was polarizing due to the pacing! It has a great start, I mean first few episodes, but as it goes to the end.. The ending was so good, I hate it. I can’t imagine it happened that so good for all the characters. It’s like it’s ok to cheat and move on.. Wow, I have a HS student who was a fan of this and I don’t know if she will get a good lesson from it.

Disappointing jdrama: IQ246 – I got disappointed after 6 episodes. I got so disappointed, I did not finish it. I can’t believe that all the guesses who is Maria T. was right. Plus, the ending?! Are you kidding me!!!! It such a waste for the return of Oda Yuji, a good Tsuchiya Tao plus dashing Fujioka Dean. Doctor X season 4 should be in this field but IQ246 gave me a reason, I just gave up.

Classic Jdrama of the year: Orange Days – I was able to watch Hero and Unfair but this one stands out due to the great story plus outstanding performances from Shibasaki Kou and Tsumbaki Satoshi. (I hope I got it right. hehe) I love their story went from difficult times to their happy ending.. Plus the cast were amazing as well including the recent retired Narimiya Hiroki!

Worst actress: Takanashi Rin – I know she is not the lead but important supporting actress in Fukigen na Kajitsu. I just hate her voice. I know it’s quite nitpicking but how she acted in the jdrama, it kinda irritating. It’s sad. I hope she can improve her voice and it’s waste that her tall beauty not used well.

Surprising Jdrama: Suizokan Girl – I like this year that has a lot of suprising Jdramas like from NHK and even the 11pm jdrama slots.. But this one stands out! This is way better than Welkame if they did this as an asadora. hahaha Matsuoka Mayu surprised me as a lead actress plus Kiritani Kenta and decent supporting cast. Add Adachi Rika.. Wow! Cold case should be also considered the fact I did not know the US version. This Japan Version, it fits for Japan Culture.

Best Actor: Matsumoto Jun – After thinking of when he will do a Jdrama, my prayer answered and he’s damn good as a weird effective lawyer! I love his changing emotions like in snap plus he did made his way bringing this jdrama name 99.9% into high ratings. I like this jdrama because of him. This part was hard, because you can choose Oda Yuji, Takenouchi Yutaka, or Ito Hideaki..

Missed Jdrama: Itsuka Kono Koi wo Omoidashite Kitto Naite Shimau – yes, don’t laugh. hehe Despite many liked it or fans watched it, I missed it. I don’t know why despite one of my crushes, Arimura san was there. hahaha I don’t know why I missed it but I did only see the last scenes. Darn. Ah! I focused on Fragile, Naomi to Kanako and Onna tomodachi at that season. hehe But I’ll give it a try next time.

Best Actress: Kitagawa Keiko- If best actor gave me a hard time.. This one, gave me fits. hehe I mean her performance in Ie Uru Onna has a perfect balance of fun and serious.. I like when Sangenya kun explaiins the serious ideas she has. I like how she shouts. hahaha Go!!! I like her presence despite not smiling. It’s like watching Kaseifu no Mita by Matsushima Nanako with a more simple and fun story. But low ratings perhaps. I don’t care those ratings, she did deliver and I love it! Look at my other choices that gave me fits. Matsuoka Mayu, twice! (Suizokan Girl and Sono “Okodawari”, Watashi ni mo Kure yo!!), Mitsushima Hikari for Totto Terebi, Yoshida Yo for Cold Case (almost close). See, those choices were not bad. I can’t go wrong right?

Best supporting actor: Sato Jiro for Ni-kun. Sorry I kinda slack writing the whole title. That jdrama just absolutely nuts! They have the best supporting actor.. Everytime he shows up, this dude delivers. I mean, hands down for this year. Deliver the greatest laughs. hahaha I do have a lot supporting actors in mind but he really stands out. Geez..

Best supporting actress: Matsui Rena for Ni-kun. OMG! Whether it’s comedy or drama, she delivers! Thank God she left AKB48 early!!! hehe In Ni-Kun, she is outrageous!!! From the time her character saw Ni-Kun, her character also changed for the worst. hahaha This one, also I had a hard time, but well, she left me some great fun and laughs. I can put Imoto Ayako, as Shirasu Mika! Go! hehe

great jdramas this year:
5. Ni-kun
4. Sono “Okodawari”, Watashi ni mo Kure yo!!
3. Cold Case
2. 99.9%
1. Ie Uru Onna

Best Jdrama: Ie Uru Onna – As you see, the other jdramas were kinda either fun or serious jdramas. This one really stands out as it has both fun, comedic parts plus the drama parts. They blended it well without really thinking much unlike the other jdramas in my list. Except for Ni Kun perhaps but anyway, that has very simple story. hehe I stand by my choice and proof? I’m always watching just the start of Episode 1, 3, 5 and 8. I love it. hehe

Weird jdrama: Sennyuu Keiji Idol Deka Dance – How a detective story combines the male idol thing in one jdrama? This is it! The title says it and I can’t believe it.. I finished it! hahaha It was fun and still I’m thinking, who the hell thought of this idea? Crazy but fun. I like their references and some stories about the japanese entertainment industry.. Like this jdrama and it’s still weird.

So there, those are my choices!! Sorry I haven’t watch or saw a very short jdramas.. But I hope you like it and try watching not only these titles, but other titles as well!

Domo arigato gozaimasu!

  • mochirochi says:

    I also thought Keiko was fantastic in Ie Uru Onna. I didn’t know that it had low ratings though. The show was great.

    • reyes2alfred says:

      Thanks for reading! Well I can only think two reasons why it has low ratings. First it has simple story and not really a complicated one. Second, hmmm Keiko has always like 10% ratings in her shows. hehe Unless if the show is very good. But still I love it. =)

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