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Baby Driver

Published August 16, 2017 in movies - 0 Comments

After watching the very first trailer, I knew I’m going to watch this in a cinema. I just knew it, saying to myself, I won’t miss this film!

After watching Atomic Blonde a week after, I watched this and yes. Simply, worth the wait! I can’t believe Edgar Wright mashed everything he likes into this great film.

Of all his films, I think Hot Fuzz is the one I don’t like. Its not the worst, its still great by any film standard.. Its just the last parts were kinda underwhelming. But anyhow, definitely most of his films are always special!

Of course, nothing is a perfect film. There were some factors that prevented this film to become a classic. Yes, this film, has almost no faults or bad thing either.

First thing, was that love story part should be like more romantic or sweet and little. I took that part a lot of time in the film and I hope they just made it simple and fast. I agreed with other critics that this love story arc took away some intense and action feeling throughout the film.

Second thing, yes, the last fight, although it was surprising, I know it can do more plus yes, until Jami


e Foxx joined the gang, I was hoping Jon Bernthal’s character will come back. But it didn’t. It was fine he did not come back but I found his character more scary!

Yes, the cast here is magnificent! From Ansel Elgort, Jon Hamm (I did not recognized him!), Kevin Spacey, Jon Bernthal, even the deaf black guy, Lily James (very good southern accent!) and of course, Eiza Gonzalez! (That’s quite hot), sorry I forgot Jamie Foxx! Damn some movies, whether its short, or supporting role, he’s damn great! Its hard to pick who of these actors stood out, I felt they’ve done their parts great and I’ve nothing to complain about it.

The action packed scenes! Well, what can I ask, very minimal CGI and yet, full action scenes! What surprised me was I thought that red Impreza will be used in the whole film, but I’m wrong. Different cars, different set pieces, the gun fights, chasing, whatever.. Plus yes, even that double cross scene? That was tight! I can’t believe that Edgar was able to mash all action flicks in just one film. Car chases, gun fights and well, some fist fights. I’m very impressed at this part!

The direction.. Simply beauty to watch! I can’t believe that every scene is important. Yes, despite that love story arc, I just hope it’s a separate film.. But everything until the last scene was simply awesome! Its just you’ll learn a lot how the film was made plus the editing is damn fluid and there is simply an experience watching this film. All the emotions can be felt in this great movie! That’s why, I believe Edgar should be doing, like give him DC or MCU movie, please?! Or I hope his next one, like horror or pure action flick. I mean, a gruesome action flick. Not Shaun of the Dead. That’s sci fi, horror, comedy right? Oh yes, I almost forgot, the screenplay! Damn, a film should be always gives you a shock right? Shock of feeling. Whether its good or bad. This film not only gave that feeling but also the unpredictability despite that simply lovely ending. Oh Baby! hehe

Lastly, I just heard the OST.. Damn Edgar! Every film he made, has that great soundtrack. Whether made from UK, US or Canada, he knows what is the best song for each film. This one, I think its his best film with the best OST! Can’t emphasize that. Before this, Scott Pilgrim has the best OST for me but if that was great, sorry.. It got topped by this film with all the genre you can think of plus I was educated! I was educated that sounds of the 60’s and 70’s did matter.

So, is this the best Edgar Wright film? Nah, I’ll give that to his two older films, Shaun of the Dead and the box office flop but critically loved, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World! I can’t decide which of those two is his best film.

Then after those two, Baby Driver. But it doesn’t mean, he was step slower or he is sliding down. Damn, he is getting better and I hope he won’t be pressured topping those 2 films I’ve said. Remember, this film has the best OST he did for his film. I can say, one of the best OST for a film. I hope he continue what he is doing and yes, he is the only few young but great directors who knows film. Very much.. He understands that film should be an experience, not that a work needs to be done.

I just hope, he’ll just continue doing films and keep that pace, plus the fun, its always there. His films has that fun factor engrained into it.

Oh Baby! =)