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Crushes: Charlize Theron

Published August 22, 2017 in Love - 0 Comments

After I finished watching Atomic Blonde, which by the way, it’s good but it was below my expectations.

Of course, we are not going to talk about that film. I’ll just talk about Charlize. Wow, I can’t believe that I think I was in College or HS that I watched Devil’s Advocate and ehem, just going forward backward that scene. Adoloscent days. hahaha Anyway, beyond that, I thought that actress is very good as a wife of Keanu Reeves in that film. I mean the depressed wife.

She did I think a couple of those roles that were very sexual or seductive then she won an Oscar for Monster, which is fantastic! Then from there, well her name kinda flew off! There were some bumps such as Aeon Flux or Mighty Joe Young. Most of the films she was in, damn she’s great. Even that crappy western comedy film with Seth McFarlane. She had fun in that film! hehe

Yeah, I just said the low points of her. There are 2 great qualities always shown to me by this great actress. First, her versatile beauty! I mean, in Monster, she was looked bad and this look of a discreet southern serial killer. How about that film, I forgot, she was like a mine worker and she looked dirty due to her work and quite plain. Mad Max fury road? No left or right arm, bald and dirty. Then, some films, yeah, hot. hehe Atomic Blonde? Her looks was fixed to fit in the 80’s. Great beauty and yes, I thought she was british. Devil’s Advocate! She used a different hair color? Wow, very tight. Her beauty and body form has that versality because of her experience, she was I think a model. Look at her height right?! Then those eyes, very dear yet charming eyes. Geez. Her physique, I mean, I don’t know when will be the time will see a Charlize in her age. Atomic Blonde, she looks like wow 30 ish? I think she really keeps herself healthy and fit all the time. Not bad!

Lastly, one of the best actresses in film. I mean consistently, present. I was surprised she demanded same pay as Chris Hemsworth in Snow white, wow.. Fighting lady! As it shows in Aeon Flux, Mad Max, then now Atomic Blonde which I think she can have a franchise as long they make it simple. hehe Her talent in acting always there no doubt. It’s hard to choose which is her best film. I can’t decide it now sorry. I think what she did in Mad Max and Monster is quite the same. But Monster has that emotional tour de force with Mad Max, its hard to act with a CGI arm with that insane action set pieces right? She is charitable, very charitable and I think a good role model for women. I was surprised she’s from South Africa. Wow.. Her acting is like in her Young Adult. I wish she won there but I think it has a great competition. Anyway, she delivers realism with charm or fun to it. Its not like serious all the time, but when the important scenes are there, she delivers! At her career path, from a sexy actress to Oscar winner and now, she’s one of the best actresses then and now. Wow, amazing!

I think she can improve, more in the comedy films. I hope she has more like what she did in that bad comedy film. She can do it because she’s versatile. I think she can have some romcoms or gross out comedy. I think she’ll do good there. Ah yes, I hope she can do a MCU or DCEU film. With her built and acting, I thought she can be a great villain against Wonder Woman or she can be Black Widow. Why not right? She’s defying her age anyway.

I’ll search why her name is Charlize. She can have that name patented. =)