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broken lines (collection 79)

Published August 25, 2017 in broken lines - 0 Comments

I hope I have a better computer gaming rig..
I hope I have a 2nd hand BMW car, even I don’t have plan driving in this pathetic road!
I hope I have a brand new phone.
I hope I have a nice clean black and white sneakers..

I hope I have a NAS server so it can do the things by itself!
I hope I have a great projector to watch my collection when I want it..
I hope I have an Aircon in my room so if its summer, I don’t need to go out just to cool myself!
I hope I have a clean table so I won’t worry if this current table I have will broke down..

I hope we have a close and loving family!
I hope I did have my own family..
I hope I’m having a great career and living it now!
I hope I can have long vacations after long workload.

I hope that my younger brother is productive despite his disability.
I hope I did pass the Japanese Proficiency test! Darn..
I hope I’m looking good and be healthy.
I hope that I’m so relieved and happy now in my life.

Well, let’s make those hopes into reality!