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unplanned 23

Published April 12, 2011 in unplanned - 0 Comments

Yes, at this point of this year, I can’t see any hope. hehe A lowdown I guess, kasi naman sa work, ayun kundi ka pa naman minamalas, hay… You have a letter.. =(

I’m thinking now to quit and well, patapon na lang somewhere LOB but anyhow I won’t give up on this one.. At least dito I did my best and it’s just both sides, from the company and by myself.. I have still 1 quarter to have a lifeline and tignan natin ano masusulat ko sa July!!! hehe

At the start of month, well, you can’t get all good things.. Ok sa shop pero sa work, hindi. Ok ulit sa shop but in the work, getting worse.. Good job!

And of course, tasks never runs out. It was a sad day not only because di lang sa work pero yes, somebody passed away.. The one who took care my mom in her younger years, passed away.. I hope she will be right there, in heaven.. Thanks for everything and God bless sa family nila.. =(

Geez, in 2 years in a row, somebody passed away.. I know, it’s a hard truth to face that death is a part of our lives. But as Jesus, well, he broke that in thought us to believe that life never ends in death.. As we approach holy week, we should reflect not only death but also how to face life, with faith, hope and lot of love.. I don’t look that I do believe one because I look tired everybody but yes, those are my driving forces..

Bahala na, basta importante, di naman matatapos ang lahat sa kamatayan, matutuloy naman ang life after that, wherever you will be.. Which siyempre, di natin alam. =)

What else? Ayos naman ang anniversary kaso ayun.. Ok na eh, kahit masikip pero maraming alak at kaunti lang talaga yun pagkain but malasa.. Ang bad trip lang yun fashion show, akalain mo, talo kami.. Di naman sa bias, basta naku.. I can’t just believe it.. hehe

You might say, how things going bad these days.. Good thing next week will be holy week kaya siguro it is needed to stop for a while and make yourself like alone and think.. Reflect and for me, ayun, still plan and look at my present and future.. Alam ko it’s still a long way but as this year goes, medyo may nasusunod na, yun iba, mukhang delay pero mangyayari pa din. hehe

And I’ll do my best pa din to stay with my current team.. Peste kasi, ang alat talaga, di agad makabawi.. Hay..

Nagulat nga ko sa Led Zep playlist ko, maiksi pero ok lang, I hope you like my list.. Di ko na inexpand yun side ko sa list kasi kung hindi, sobrang haba bawat kanta, at feeling ko paulit ulit na lang yun description ko pag talagang prepared ako.. Kaya tama lang yun ganun kaiksi. Besides, 4th lang sila from my fave band. hehe

Medyo serious ata kasi yun Led Zep, let’s go to a band which lighter, innovative, creative at higit sa lahat, patawa talaga!!! =)

I can’t believe I love this pinoy band. Legendary..

Now, I hope there will be something bright coming these days..