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Approaching Reflecting

Published April 19, 2011 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

As I stare at my monitor, and contemplating what happened last year.. I left well, guessing.. What the heck happened last year?

Great thing, this week came and of course, give time for myself to reflect and pray of course. Even I do it everyday, this week is different.. It’s because, the holy week.

It’s a tradition, and for us Catholics, we are blessed to have this week. Not only to really reflect for ourselves but to see ourselves for him.. Just looking at that cross.. You might ask yourself, do you really sacrifice much for the sake of many? I mean, literally, not sacrificing your life but some part of it.. Your time, possessions, or even love.. For the better of others..

Even yes, sometimes you felt, we’ll I should save myself first, but yes, selfishness can be dangerous at times..

Or even, like his teachings, at least serve others first to really prove you’re great.

This week also, you can really reflect and less work, less work for others.. For me? Geez.. I can get some rest only on Friday.. But that’s fine, a day of no pressures from both walls, a great day from me.. A day of stress free maybe enough, and be focused to pray and enrich spiritually.

For now, all I can do is sigh, better.. To be disturbed or worried, I’ll just continue to be calm and patient and take time this week.. To be relieved..

To be alone and most of all.. Relax, for a while.

I hope others will do the same. =)

God bless us all.