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Published April 22, 2011 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

Even today, they asked for some load.. Geez.. It never stops at least for a day.. =)

Anyway, I was able to sleep good today, get some rest and got some murmuring aside, I mean talking to myself. I do that everyday but for this time, I was really into just all alone and contemplating and reflect.. My life per se.

And of course, the importance of today which is Good Friday. I wondered, why they called it Good Friday.. Even today is the death of Jesus, which I feel, not really good.

However, what good is I believed that He died not only for our religion but the truth is, he died for all of us.. He did not select whom will be saved when he died but he did save us all. Despite we, are all sinners or radical or stubborn, he made one choice and he did this because he loves us all..

In return, of course, we need not to do the same. We need to do the same love he gave to us, to serve, proclaim Good news and yes, indeed love..

It is not easy to do it, especially we have a wide variety of liberty.. But well, in this life, you will find a purpose. You’ll ask yourself, why you’re here in this damned life or many questions that entails to your dear life.

Even the sufferings or problems you face or you might also ask where is God for all of this?

In my 27 years here, hmmmmm 7 out of those 27 years, I think I was able to find answers to those kind of arguements.. The experiences I went through, the truths that unfold in my lap and the vision I want to be, well, it is far fetched.

However, because of him, I am still standing here.. I am always tired and somewhat displaced in every day grind but yes, due to my faith, hope and love to him, my life goes on..

That goes as well from my loving family, friends and people around that inspire me that in this short life, we should do not only for ourselves, but also to others. Sacrifice is a better word for it.. Yes, as he did it today, we should do it as well.

Not really our life but some parts of our lives.. Time, effort, smiles, frowns or even money or things.. Well, we cannot serve without those factors. But it is, it is important to have those things to show, that you are indeed living with a purpose.. A purpose which you will need to know, with your heart and soul.

I already know mine and I think it will never end unless the end comes to me.. =)

But as I look in my life, I already done half of it, the other half which I think is about my happiness and my goals already, not only my goals for others as well.. I hope I can reach them, and in due time, be happy. =)

Of course, I won’t be going into full service to him..

I chose to be a family man instead.. Which until now, and I’m quite pessimist about it. hehe

Well, to achieve that, I guess I should find again a better half.. The problem is, who is she?

The best way to know who will be, is well, let love come to me.. I tried the finding game plan, which it did not work..

I’ll just do the one which works.. Yes, even before..

Let it come to me.. The better half..

I asked to him before, and yes, I haven’t got the answer until now..

What happened before, did he really give it to me?

I’m just quite curious..

But anyhow, today is simply, I just knelt down and look up to him.. I felt sad and yet, thanking for his sacrifice..

Sacrifice that makes you wonder… He really loves us…