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Published April 23, 2011 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

As of today, it is a simple day.. Day of reflecting, do simple things, some chores and checking some things.. Planning as well.

Well, shop operations today got smooth but not with the sales. =( But that’s fine, it’s better than low, than nothing.

As I reflected today, of course, I thought of things happened in the past and affected me..

I was hurt, some of them got hurt.. Maybe because of my laziness or shortcomings sometimes. But I will try to change that. Especially at these times, which as I said before, this is my turning point of my life. Besides, I want to straight this one out.. =)

Great I was get some good rest for the past few days and for this next few days, well, I’ll be quite busy..

Definitely for the next 2 weeks.. It will be a hectic week! Pay this and that, deadlines to here and there.. And yes, to survive.. For my work and shop.. Geez, I wish I have a replicant. =)

Well, after that, it’s all over and not meaning all the problems or struggles are over, I mean the short term problems. hehe

But for the past holy days, thanks to it, I felt energized, inspired and motivated to finish what I started.

To pursue my unfinished actions or plans.

To let go of the painful past and keep those happy memories and move forward..

To forgive..

To reinvent and push myself to whatever I can do to solve these problems..

To keep praying and surviving..

To live this life.. Fully..

To love, maybe.. Again..

To search myself? Geez, that’s tiring already. hehe Nah, I don’t think I need that in my life.. I just maybe ignored myself sometimes.

I realized that somewhere and it hits me just hard..