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Boltes V

Published April 27, 2011 in Love , others? - 0 Comments

Siyempre we all know Voltes V is one of the fave anime favorites. Tanong mo pa si Kuya Allan, which well, wayback Marcos days, it was a childhood staple, an awaited fantasy form for kids.. A way that kids at that time imagined how to be a hero driving a big bad mecha/robot!!!

Ako naman, yes, one of the fave din, but not my really fave.. Mas gusto ko yun isang fave anime but I’ll reveal that later.. hehe

Sikat naman yun anime due to yun robot of course, the famous and dramatic 3 brothers, the cowboy and simple Jane tapos yun dub din, kakatuwa from english and ayun tagalog.. Tapos ang nagpasikat pa eh yun opening song!!!

Akalain mo, when it was released, yes it was orig japanese then dubbed english then I don’t know kung may tagalog pa nun. hehe Ang alam ko kinanta nila Brod Pete sa bubble gang. haha

Until now, I did not understand the song, which is why I want to learn nihonggo in the sense of knowing japan better.. Without the help of subs of course..

One day, while I am listening to TVJ albums, akalain mo, pati eto pinatos nila!! hehe

Yun rhythm, kopya nila tapos kahit yun mood nun kanta, kala mo pang intro talaga ng Voltes V. hehe Kaso sa lyrics na nagkaiba at yes, panalo ang lyrics.. Loko loko din sila, lahat ng space characters di naman lahat basta nasabi nila sa kanta.. Basta masabi lang sa kanta.. Grabe. Great piece of listening wonder.. A fun song. hehe Kahit si Ultraman nasama, grabe na eh..

May pagka double meaning din, di naman yun buong kanta, basta may part dun, grabe.. hehe

Pero anyway, I love this song and indeed better than yun unang dalawa nasabi ko kasi malamang yun ginawa nila ang kanta, hype pa din ng Voltes V!!! =)

Volt out!!!