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Alita Battle Angel

Published March 4, 2019 in movies - 0 Comments

Ghost in the Shell movie adaptation was almost good but for me, I think its still a fail from how it was made. When I saw the trailer of this film, at first I was apprehensive because of maybe the eyes and little teasers. But I watched the following trailers, I was kinda hopeful.

2 hours later! I can say, it’s the best anime adaptation from a visual perspective despite the high budget, but as a story perspective.. They could just made this simpler. But overall, it’s a great film.

Yeah, I watched this in IMAX so guys try it.

As usual, bad factors first. First, yes, let’s cut the chase, the script and overall screenplay, they cramped so much. If you watched the OVA, which I did when I was a kid, the only thing it’s way better than this film was the screenplay. It was simple and straight forward yet I want more of it. This film, they added a lot of plot points and some fell flat and in the end, I felt it can end at the next film or I think that it. Unlike in the OVA, it has single plot point and I wanted more.

Second, Jennifer Connelly is of course, still hot but she did less. Ali was good but confusing because of how his character was written. I hope he just copied the OVA character, that will be more fun. So these characters, was kinda dull despite they acted good. The villains, with some surprises, were written well but well, it was short for some of them.

Lastly, yes, due to the screenplay they did, it was a bit long. If they just copy the OVA, which is 55 minutes long, plus some 30 minutes, remove the backstory of Alita and some characters, then I think it will be the best presentation they did for this material.

Anyway, that’s it for the bad stuff, but of course, let’s talk about the best things!

First, yes, wow, this film is great to watch in IMAX. The comments about the eyes, should be gone once they watch it in IMAX. Not only how Alita was drawn (I think Gally is more fun) but also the world itself, way better than the OVA plus, the characters or villains was really visually made perfect. I know nothing is perfect but when you think about the budget and effort they put.. Damn it shows.

Second, the cast was great despite the shortcomings, I like Rosa as Alita, Christoph Waltz as Ido, Yugo dude, despite I don’t like the love thing because of how it was written or happened. The villains or rogue cyborgs looks unique and cool plus the cameos. They really spent not only in the visual effects but also a fitting cast.

Third, action is damn great!!! Wow, even the OVA has cool action scenes, this film despite the PG 13 rating, this is way cool than the OVA. I thought Alita won’t be defeated but she was almost died and still she was able to get back. The last action scene was kinda simple and fast but still looks cool. I hope the one with the sword, if they just copied it from OVA, its way cool and kinetic. Yes, I hope they just focus more in the simple plot and more action, plus the motorball stuff, this film will be great.

Lastly, adaptation. The script and screenplay was not good but on how they adapted, it is great. Some parts they made it better like Alita with the great armor which I did not know in the OVA. The action scenes they did adapt but they look better here. I just hope they did adopt the violence or other action scenes but the budget is damn high.

Ok, final thoughts, yes, I can say it’s a great anime film, I can definitely say best adaptation from anime or OVA despite the crappy screenplay or dialogue. The optimism I only have is like the Blade Runner 2049, high budget but did not earn a lot. I think it was a loss but it has critical following like me. This one, high budget, so so critical following, so I think this won’t earn a lot. Plus, as James Cameron promises 2 films after this? I don’t think so.

But still, I like this film. I hope other film outfits or productions just follow this format and every anime fan will be happy. I hope James just focused this film or Terminator or even the Alien franchise than doing avatar films which I felt not worth going back again. Honestly, I haven’t watched it. hahaha

I am still hoping for bubblegum crisis adaptation! =P