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Fictional Pop Culture Idols

Published March 4, 2019 in Ironic Life!! - 0 Comments

I think I haven’t discuss this here. After telling my crushes, reference or my opnions to certain figures, it’s time to tell which I can say, my life is inspired to or unconsciously, follow or relate to. Don’t be surprised if this list composed of anime characters or movie characters. I did read books but it’s more inspirational books and they are mostly non-fiction. This might be the first and last list so I don’t want to add more. =)

Don’t be surprised if some of them have a dark personality or background.

I don’t look like him but ehem. hehe

Brandon Sullivan (Michael Fassbender) in Shame – Except for the prostitutes and other acts he did, yes, I was kinda addict on that stuff. It is really hard to get out from it especially these times and tools.. I’m now getting out though. There is progress.

Not bad for an introvert writer.

Joel Barish (Jim Carrey) in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – How I loved a woman and yes, trying to move on was difficult. Except that yeah, I did not get her back. hehe But how I think and felt in a relationship, that was how I approach.

my anime Idol ever!
looks weird but very strong

Guts (Berserk) – I don’t have a dragon slayer nor a big body with a great sword skills, but the courage to finish the job or work, I think the will to live despite the harsh and difficult situation he is in plus the curse he has, I can say, I was inspired by this dude. My best idol in anime and manga! hahaha

Saitama (One punch man)- damn, he is strong, great and the best about him, he is calm all the time. Why worry if you can do something or you have confidence to fight right? hehe

I don’t like leather wardrobe though, mate. haha

Max (Mad Max) – Can’t say enough of this man in the movies. Like in my life, I mean there some things that I could have just say no and move on right? Especially if you want to survive and reach your goals. Nah, like Max, I’ll help and do the job even inside, damn why do I need to do this?!

very cool but deadly when angry

Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop) – His demeanor towards a work is really like me. I can do this or that but nah, I do it half baked. hahaha But how he do the job and love that woman, like me. hehe I wish I could also do Jeet kun do.

I want some ultraviolence

Alex DeLarge (Malcom Mcdowell) A Clockwork Orange – No I’m that the Bad Alex but the good Alex in this film but yes, if I’m mad and bad, we have the same thoughts. haha.

his great skills made him very lucky

Jubei (Ninja Scroll ) – How he worked and survived, nuff said. Very me. hahaha Even how he took care of Kaede, I’ll do the same.

surprisingly very touching action flick

Leon (Leon the Professional) Oh boy except for his job, I think I’ll protect my family and friends even it may cost my life and how eager I learned life in the most simpliest ways. I’m also introvert to like him. hehe

I hope me and Gerro, I mean the looks. hahaha

Gilbert Grape (Johnny Depp) What’s eating gilbert grape? Well, if there is a blueprint of my life now or to explain my life in film, that’s about it. Nah, I don’t want to look like Depp but I just love this film. It really reflects my life thru Gilbert’s and his family.

I have an urge to put more but nah I’ll stop at here and with the may post I have, you can imagine how I feel and think. But to make it sure, what these idols I have!