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Eye of the Beholder

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As I look at my new monitor and rest in my comfortable chair, I can sense this might be my new workstation. I’m kinda surprised by changing into this new monitor, everything I see on it is a bit bigger yet fit. You know what I mean? My previous monitor is great but I never thought there will be something better than that. Continue reading

Social Media Week 2018

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My Mentor told me to go in this convention about what’s hot in the Social Media industry. Well, I’ve done research and indeed it was kinda interesting seminar that took place around the world. I was also shocked that it was expensive for a one day event!!!!!!

Anyway, as I went it, I can see a lot of experts, or even youtube creators are going into this thing. Come to my surprise, Ms. Apple David (sports 5 sportcaster) is the MC. Half of the price of the ticket is damn paid. haha I can’t believe she is taller than in TV!!!


Anyway I kinda came in late because of the distance and trouble getting in SM Aura! Crap. I reached the part where a travel app CEO just finished her presentation. The next guy presented was the CEO of a face game app which at first I thought it’s a social media app but I was surprised its a face game. Anyway, the next presentor was better, a German CEO of a new social media app that this a mixture of tumblr and facebook but more customisable and better filter.

Then, ah.. Sorry as I can remember, there was a doctor who did not present in the convention personally but through a recorded video. A CEO of a social entrep movement that became viral due to social media in Singapore. Then we took a break. Lunch break!


At last I saw my mentor and we exchanged our first greetings and some gossip. hehe Plus, I met his other students. Anyway, after that long lunch break, it was a barrage of panel interviews, social media influencer marketing/metrics and in the end, Maria Ressa the CEO of Rappler sent an another recorded video about well you know, politically charged attack to her media company. Of course the highlight of the afternoon was Carlo Ople, damn he’s very good but damn that time limit. My HS batchmate Mark Macanas in the blogging talk and yeah, a grown up Camille Prats in the influencer talk. haha

Ok, let’s talk about some things I hope they really changed. First, 15 minutes presentation length?! Are you kidding me? I went to paid or free seminars and 15 minutes is too damn short. It’s either make it 30-40 minutes talk for each or cut the number of the speakers or panelists. Second, very expensive ticket. Despite the looks of Apple David and how awesome some of the speakers I saw, it’s still not worth it as I did not absorb much of the talks. It kinda short of the delivery or learning experience. Third, yes, the afternoon topics. After lunch topics were only focused on one topic only, influencers on how it should be used or measured. They only used different topics about it but it’s almost the same. Except maybe for the blogging part but most of the talks were about that. It’s kinda sad. Lastly, like my mentor said, this is not really a Social Media Week, it’s like a business or sales presentation of some companies who can do social media campaigns plus research. I kinda noticed or felt that when I’m in the morning sessions. Hmmmm why no google analytics or FB ads or even youtube tips. Although Youtube was there and gave basics on how to have a good channel but other than that, nothing else.

Despite all of that, well it’s not all bad as I got some interesting ideas or saw some success stories like the CEO from Singapore about social action. The doctor who introduced LinkdIn as a great tool to improve your online presence. Carlo Ople who is a fun but very informative speaker. Preach! haha Some talks that gave me idea about metrics and how to choose the right influencers. Being careful for your campaign and yes, never give up in blogging! hahaha


Well, I know it sounds not worth it but with all the shortcomings and surprisingly I saw my previous team mate at work there as one of the members who set up this event.. I hope they improve next year and not in this form again. Please.


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Nakalimutan ko na ginagamit ko na itong printer na to for 6 months. hahaha Dahil wala ako maisip na maisulat, eto na lang ireview ko!!!

I’ll make it KISS. Keep It Short and Simple. Continue reading

flashbacks: Orico HDD drive bay 5 or 2 bay crap!

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Guys, alam niyo naman, siyempre shopper ako sa Lazada. haha Pero before I buy something, I checked the reviews and stuff online and siyempre hanap ng great supplier. I need this hdd bay thing kasi alam niyo naman ang library ko dumadami plus the internal HDD I have eh nagstack up na. I did some reorganizing (later na post na lang yun) my media stuff and yes, I have a TV now.

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